Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Validating CSS online

I recently had a problem with a webapp where things were showing up but I could not figure out why. The CSS seemed correct at a glance but someone else had written it so I was not very familiar with it. After struggling for awhile I did the smart thing and asked Gonzalo Silverio if he had any ideas (which of course, he did). He pointed me to this awesome CSS validator at http://jigsaw.w3.org/css-validator/. You can upload a css file or simply provide a URL to the file and it will give you a nice little report that tells you what is wrong.
A similar service for validating your markup is available at http://validator.w3.org/.

Sunday, October 07, 2007

Roadmaps, Kernels, and Community?

There has been a bit of traffic on the mailing lists about Kernels and Sakai community processes recently. I personally hope that it will encourage more open communication in the community and more transparency around decision making. I have high hopes that some of the proposals I have posted in the Sakai Dev space on Sakai Confluence will spark conversations and encourage people to get involved in various framework improvement efforts.

In particular, I am hoping the following things are worked out BEFORE or AT the Sakai conference in December.
1) What does the Sakai Roadmap look like?
2) What is a framework team? What does it do? Who are the initial members?
3) How does the voting process work in Sakai and what kinds of things should be voted on?
4) Do we have a Sakai Kernel and if so, what does that mean (what is it)?
5) Should we have a code approval process for the Sakai framework and what should it look like?

What are the right answers to these questions? Frankly, that is outside my core area of expertise which is mostly designing and writing software. I have some proposals out there in the hopes that someone smarter will come along and rip them apart and replace them with something that is better. Even if that doesn't happen, I hope they will at least encourage discussion. Isn't that how we arrive at decisions that will benefit us all as a community? I mean, we don't really need someone to make all the decisions for us and tell us what to do... do we?