Sunday, May 04, 2008

GenericDao 0.9.5

The 0.9.5 version of GenericDao is now available. This provides the biggest leap in functionality yet with enhancements including support for JDBC and pure SQL (along with Hibernate) and new search methods which use a generalized Search object to make it easy to control restrictions, limits, ordering and bascially everything you would want to put in a search for an object.
For anyone unfamiliar with the package it is mostly a bunch of convenience code to make it a little easier to have ORM like functionality and not have to write the same boring create/update/find/delete methods over and over again. It also provides a simple and extendable interface for working with persistent objects.
I am using the new version to replace the previous hibernate usage in a couple of projects and things seem to work quite well so far. The new version builds on some of the Apache projects like BeanUtils, Google projects like Guice, and the Spring Framework.
I hope to add in support for DDL generation using Apache DDLUtils in the next release.

Download (Maven2):
Maven site:

On a related note, this release was made using the Maven 2 release plugin which made the process very clean and easy. I recommend it highly.

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Ryan Lowe said...

So genericdao is for open source projects... what about not-so open source projects? ;-)