Sunday, July 22, 2007

Maven2, Continuum, and Sakai

I have been doing a lot with Maven2 these days. I have been adding Maven2 builds to various Sakai tools I am responsible for like Entity Broker and Evaluation. I have also been updating the RSF wiki to include the CARET Maven2 Repository and sample RSF projects that use Maven2. The RSF poms are now updated to run various reports and generate javadocs and Maven 2 sites which are linked to (or will be soon) on the RSF Developer page. I am currently running into an issue with Maven 2 where I cannot generate a site for a project which has a base pom with no code in it and modules which have the code (I get failures in the build when I try to build the site from the base). I'm hoping to get some help from the Maven users list.

Continuum has been an interesting experience in pleasure and pain. The CARET Continuum server (version 1.0.3) is building Sakai trunk, RSF, and all the CARET related tools nightly. It is allowing us to keep track of our projects and know if there are any build problems. Unfortunately, I have managed to create 5 continuum projects which were corrupted and had to be removed by our system admin. On the plus side, I am learning a lot about how Continuum integrates with Maven2 and most of the poms are getting nice updates as a result. Hopefully we will soon have full code reports being generated nightly that we can review as needed.

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