Tuesday, July 24, 2007

RSF Wiki refactor and AJAX samples

I have spent many hours over the past couple weeks working on the RSF Wiki. For those who are not familiar with Reasonable Server Faces (RSF), it is an open source Java web framework which is based on the Spring framework and supports pure XHTML templating. The Wiki is the canonical source of documentation for RSF and needed a lot of updates and additions to be more developer friendly. After comparing the websites and Wikis for a lot of open source projects I settled on a set of left hand navigation topic areas and links and then started editing. At this point, the majority of the layout changes are complete and it should be a lot easier for developers to get started with RSF.

Along with the refactoring, I also added pages to describe how to use AJAX in RSF. RSF includes the UVB (or Universal View Bus) which makes calling a method in your application code from AJAX and getting back the results easy. Developers will now find detailed notes about how UVB works and the use of the RSF Javascript library. There is also a new RSF sample app which demonstrate a simple autocomplete using RSF and UVB (this is also available as a sample Sakai tool). I encourage anyone using RSF (and even those who aren't) to check out the Wiki and post feedback.

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