Friday, December 14, 2007

Spring Dynamic Modules

Adrian Colyer did an incredible demo of Spring OSGi at The Spring Experience on Friday, 14 Dec, 2007 to show the things that are up and coming. The demo included a 3 layer app (web, logic, dao) running with each layer as a separate module in OSGi. During the demo he intentionally shutdown the logic module, clicked a link on the web page, restarted the logic module, and then went back to the page which had magically worked without failing. Apparently Spring OSGi will proxy the layers until a timeout is reached or the module can restart. This allows some amazing things (like upgrades without server shutown). It can also control access to the modules so they can effectively operate in a hierarchy. I think they said it should be released in a few months.

On a side note, Adrian and Rob did a great keynote with some singing and roleplaying. It was easily the best keynote I have ever seen. Cheers to all who planned and executed it.

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