Thursday, December 13, 2007

The Spring Experience and RSF

I am attending the Spring Expereience in Hollywood, Florida this week (Dec 14, 2007) along with Antranig. It is exciting and scary to be around so many really great developers. It feels like everyone we talk to is doing something impressive and advanced with Spring. It is pretty intimidating to be around and talk to all these really great developers.

The sesssions have been really great so far. It is really hard to decide which sessions to attend because there have been a few slots where I wanted to attend all five talks. The presenters have actually written code in front of people which is great to see. I have had a chance to learn about the new Spring annotations, AspectJ, @MVC, and Testing. The material is advanced but that is what I want.

Antranig and I presented a rapid fire session on RSF. It was a one hour introduction to the goals and basics of RSF. We had a bit of technical trouble and the talk before us ran long but overall I felt really positive about the session. There were lots of good questions and we had about 25 people in the session. We even got a compliment on the wiki and documentation. I hope we will have a chance to talk with more people about RSF during the remainder of the conference.

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