Monday, July 20, 2009

JavaForge requires authn to access SVN

I went to setup an account on JavaForge for Steeple today. Everything went pretty smoothly with the initial setup. It was easy to create an account and setup a new project. The site allows for fine-grained permissions which are easy to configure and has a very nice wiki. It also included code analysis and build tools (which are why I decided to try it out in the first place).

I hit the first bump after creating the SVN repository. I could not find the URL to the respository anywhere. After searching around for ahile I figured out that the URL was:

The next issue, which ended up being insurmountable, was related to access to the SVN respository. Try as I might there was no way to allow public access to it. Anyone trying to access the public URL will receive a basicauth challenge. Just to view the respository a user has to enter in the username of "anonymous" with a password of "anon". As a result I had to drop javaforge and go with my backup of google code for now.

I did post a question on the javaforge forums about this but from reading the other forum messages I think it is just not possible.

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