Friday, July 03, 2009

Sakai AppBuilder Plugin updated to 0.8.7

The Sakai AppBuilder Eclipse Plugin is updated to a new version ( which includes updates for Sakai K1 and support for Wicket. Many thanks to Steve Swinsburg who did all the heavy lifting on this update. You can install the plugin using instructions here or update it to the new version from within eclipse if you have installed it before.
The Sakai AppBuilder is a RAD tool that allows you to quickly create Sakai webapp projects in Eclipse that will work in the Sakai Framework. Use these as a basis for the projects that you want to make without all the busy work of creating the structures and adding in all the dependencies. You can choose various UI layer options and implementation types to get you started quickly.
NOTE: Updated for the 0.8.8 release (minor fix from 0.8.7)

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