Tuesday, March 02, 2010

EuroSakai Bootcamp

Anthony Whyte and I presented the programmers cafe bootcamp at EuroSakai Valencia 2010 on Monday March 1st. This also coincided with my first official act as a Uniconer (short for Unicon employee) and my first presentation as the Sakai Maintenance Team lead.
We had around 30 people in attendance with the majority from Spain. I felt like it went as well as these 1 day technical introductions to Sakai can reasonably go (i.e. a major overload for the participants) and I hope that the attendees had a good experience and learned something valuable. Anyone who wants to let us know what they thought of it can fill out our survey.

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Evandro said...

It was a nice bootcamp. This was my second bootcamp and if I could I'll go to as many as I can :)