Tuesday, March 02, 2010

EuroSakai presentation - Sakai Best Practices

Alan Berg and I just finished our presentation on Sakai Best Practices at EuroSakai Valencia 2010. It started with a mexican wave (all Alan's fantastic idea) and included tips for creating JIRA tickets, an overview of best ways to take advantage of foundation resources, and some development best practices.
One key point we made during the presentation bears repeating. In many ways the Sakai community is a do-ocracy.
A do-ocracy is an organizational structure in which individuals choose roles and tasks for themselves and execute them. Responsibilities attach to people who do the work, rather than elected or selected officials.
I have also heard people refer to Sakai as a meritocracy and perhaps in some ways it is. But much more than that I think it is driven forward by those willing to act. I hope that we are encouraging people to get involved and act because that is the lifeblood of community source.

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hartsook said...

Aaron, can you post your slides on slideshare.com so the rest of the world can take a peek?