Sunday, March 11, 2018

A brief history of (my recent) time

Aaron Zeckoski is a technology leader recognized for his expertise in educational technologies and learning systems. He is an accomplished change agent, specializing in organizational transformation and team building. His experience includes leading distributed teams (US and international) and working in matrix and community organizations. In his time as a systems architect and engineer he demonstrated expertise in all aspects of web-based product and platform development. He is an open source advocate, a member of open source developer communities, and a major contributor to open source projects such as Sakai LMS, DSpace repository, Opencast Matterhorn, and Apereo Learning Analytics Initiative (LAI).

Aaron is currently Elsevier Nursing & Healthcare Education’s Head of Technology and VP, Software Engineering (since early 2015). He was previously the Lead Architect for Education at Elsevier (since late 2014). He built the education technology department from the ground up; recruiting over 60 technologists in two years. The department specializes in rapid discovery, collaborative innovation, and world-class design. Our delivery highlights include a next generation education platform, NHE’s first machine learning and big data framework, and Sherpath (personalized healthcare learning product).

Before 2015, Aaron mostly worked in higher education technology consulting and innovation (list of projects, presentations, conferences, and training for those curious).
He was most recently a Software Architect and Sales Engineer at UniconHe also worked as an independent engineering and training consultant and spent time working with and as part of education technology startups.
He was previously a Senior Research Engineer in CARET (Centre for Applied Research in Educational Technologies) at Cambridge University for over three years.
Before that he was the Manager of Application Development and Lead Developer in the Learning Technologies unit at Virginia Tech for five years.
Beginning in 1993, he spent a handful (or so) years at various IT and software engineering related jobs (mostly in the defense industry) including a short tour as an Oracle DBA and a couple years as a network engineer.

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